Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reasons why should Narendra Modi not become Premiere of the country.....

There are plenty of reasons which are big hurdles for Mr. Narendra Modi or anybody, who is focused and delivering, in the stride to take privilege to be crowned as Premiere. And to be clear I don’t see even a single reason which has really anything to do with the masses or The Aam Aadmi. I will count few leading and most probable ones in the post.
The EVM and E-Booth Capturing:
The most probable reason and the most unfortunate reason as far as Democracy is concerned, is EVM. The machine or the tool which decides who has the mandate to rule the country, is unfortunately a black box and no one in the machinery world can guarantee it to be fool-proof. May be ECI can be the only and last organization who would probably try to guarantee about this machine’s efficacy in elections. I am no one to raise fingers on ECI or EVM and have no evidence to demonstrate the failures of the machine and hence the failure of so called independent body ECI. But I can see the things around, can analyze the events around. On the basis of many incidents that took place in recent past I am very much sure about the inefficiency of the machine concerned. Many people will have variety of opinions about the same topic. It happens to be the matter of perspectives and individual view towards available information. Below are few points to owe how I reached to this conclusion:
1.       Ignorance towards Public anger
There is no concern being shown by the rules towards the growing anger among the masses.  The scams are uncovering one after another but the ruling coalition is unaffected regarding the public perception. Instead of strange and illogical defense of the scams openly by the leaders shows that they have little or no concern of public image. Autocratic behavior in the parliament and in other public institutions. The ruling party becomes over-offensive in public forums while defending the scams.
2.       Belittling of the Public Institutions
Open misuse of public institutions in full public glare has been a normal practice for past few years, especially after 2009 general elections. Openly targeting the opposition and people with different viewpoint through CBI, ED, IT, Police and other public institutions. The misuse of these departments against opponents is being done openly.
3.       Arrogance in governance
Each and every leader of the party whether holding a public office or not, has become very arrogant and authoritarian. Open loot has been the trade mark of functioning of any government office holder. Ruthlessly crushing the public movement is another evidence that the government has no value for public anger.
4.        Openly penalizing the Mass Leaders with falsehood
In electoral democracy no party can afford a group of people go away strictly from voting for it. Just leave the thought of voting against it. We have seen the BJP has been facing the err of Muslim community for long now. How can Congress afford the err of Lacs of people all over the country by penalizing its leaders in public view? Let's take Baba Ramdev; I don’t think anybody should have doubts about his fan following or for the matter of his oratory skills or his skills to influence people in big way. But he is being targeted openly by Congress in all fronts. Be that governmental institution or the party leader all are blazing guns against him. He has been cursing the party all along for two or three years now. But there is no effect on party. Similarly the government has betrayed a simple man Anna Hazare time and again. He is the man whose credentials are far from doubts in all over the country. How can Congress party become so arrogant in dealing with the people of such fan following? How are they even affording it at this hard time when everything coming against them? This is a vital point which makes me to think, rethink and suspect the process in big way.
5.       Gross misuse of power to mishandle the governmental machinery
Congress has been mishandling the government machinery all along its political stride, this is no hidden fact. But doing it in such a big scale and in full public view is very uncomfortable fact at least for me. They are now openly demeaning the all public institutions and machinery which directly or indirectly affecting the masses in general. And still managing to get their share of power in big way. How can this be possible? Deregulation of Petrol and Diesel has largely affected all in the country from Uttarakhand to Himachal to Gujrat to Karnataka. Or for the matter be that SC or ST or BC or Brahmans or Muslims everyone got a big hit by this. How can they escape this anger? It’s a puzzle which has given hard time to me.
6.       Paying no heed towards increasing trust deficit shown by other independent institutions
The government has been in line of fire from various independent bodies for its improper activities time and again. The Apex Court has passed uncomfortable comments on the matter of public affair many times in past 9 years. The CAG has been pulling their misdeeds in big way in whatever department it is auditing for last 5 years or so. CVC’s office was demeaned by appointing a tainted individual and that’s not a hidden thing to anybody. He steps down only after SC commented adversely.  There were many constitutional crises all along these years. Very recently SC has raised the trust deficit factor regarding CBI’s independent functioning for which one of the Ministers had to quit. Question is how they are managing this eyewash?
7.       Winning elections amid growing anger
The puzzle becomes harder with each election. Congress is getting thumbing majority time and again even after such misrule in all fronts. Big rail scam uncovering just the day before the polling and the party came with flying colors in next day’s polls. Is this a normal scenario in democracy? It’s very hard for me to believe such misdeeds of bribery for appointing an officer had no impact at all. Even if anybody attributes it to short term memory of masses this is very hard to digest. One can’t say the memory of the electoral gets washed away overnight.
8.       Ignoring mass leaders within after winning elections and arbitrary appointments
After winning elections it has been a practice to ignore the mass leader of the party for the top job. The leaders who have a mass appeal are ignored after coming to power. Like Harish Rawat is a house hold name in Uttarakhand and acceptable in both Kumaon and Garhwal regions. In Kumaon his name is huge and he is MP from the other region. But when it comes the top post somebody with no mass base gets appointed who seems to be just a dummy. The experiment of “Dummy” appointment executed in centre is being replicated in states now. How can a party with so many ambitious leaders around, work on such formulae successfully?
9.       Winning elections without a grass-root level structure
One can rarely see a cadre based structure in Congress party anywhere from village to state. Just one or two leaders who too usually known for their wealth owing to being a leader of Congress can be seen in few villages. No reach to common people in any manner whatsoever. But even the party is doing well in every part in the country, how?
10.   Comparing the governance with the Booth Capturing era governments (80s and 90s)
Now if we analyze the functioning of the government and its party and compare with few other governments those ruled after independence, we will find disturbing things all along. We had seen Bihar in late 80s till early years of this century. Mr. Lalu Yadav was the wholesome person in whole Bihar. The state was reeling under poverty and very poor law and order situation. The “Apharan or Pakad” and “Gundagardi” were the richest words in Bihar. Can anybody feel that government had really public support? No. It was something else which was bringing him in power time and again. And that was BOOTH CAPTURING. Election commission faced very hard time to curb that BOOTH CAPTURING and reducing Muscle power considerably. Only after ensuring fair elections in Bihar we have seen People’s government in 2005. We have been hearing about the development of Bihar in past few years. All other words have been pushed to back stage now. I see the same arrogance in governance at the Centre today. What is with them, similar to what Mr. Lalu had in the past? It is definitely something which by-passes the people’s verdict.
Just think of the above points and you will find the demon in the Machine called “EVM”.  With these machines when Congress will with 2014 elections, it will be conveniently attributed to Modi’s so called communal credentials. No one will raise the finger towards bigger crime of sabotaging Democracy. Congress is dealing with it diligently and tactfully.
If anybody thinks that any single leader in CONGRESS is fool then it’s the biggest misjudgment. There is no room for a fool in Congress. They can pretend to be fool in various stages or in their various comments but they are not.
So I suspect the EVM as the biggest reason for Modi not to claim the top job.
I will update this post with other reasons whenever time permits next……

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your Good Work And Rewards

In general we always strive to do good work, which will benefit to us or our surroundings in some way or other. That is always regarded as commendable at times. We tend to favor a lot of people around us in the hour of their need. All is well. But the problem starts when we expect something in return from them.

You do a lot favor to others and at times considering the time and support offered by you might be very crucial to them. Still you observe very little or no positive response from those people. Sometimes not even a mere "Thanks" is returned. Then it hurts. The question is .. Why?? Why do we feel sorry and sad for the cold response to our offered help?

Because at some point in time, while offering a helping hand, we introduce a greedy fellow inside us. This greedy person inside us constantly believes that the work being done would fetch us same or similar favor from the current recipients. But in real world its seldom that you receive rewarding treatment. Now when you see no favor or even worse reverse then you have very hard time in front of you. At least some precious hours, if not days, are going to be very be bad. You and your near-dear curse the hour when you supported them.

This happens to us repeatedly. If you are a person who never fixes the things in return in advance i.e. trading of good work, you face the fate regularly. ( Trading of good work is very much in the circles and its growing. People do the things and take the returns in some way or other and they do it professionally.) But for you, an ethnic follower, a religious fellow, a person with values, its the duty lend support to the needy at the hour of need.

If you are a trader kind of guy then you have to do hard bargaining next time. But if you are a person of other genre you have to adjust yourself. The basic problem is within you. You will have to contain the greedy person in you. The problem is bound to haunt you as soon as you do any work expecting the good returns. You have to lend your support to others, good or bad depends on you, without expecting anything in return.

I can assure you that your deed, good or bad, pay you dearly in some way or other. May be you have raised the children of others, the return may be like some strange people helping your dear ones at times. You can't choose the favor for sure but you'll get the return for sure. The amount of receipt always depends upon your intensity of your good work and selflessness in doing work.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its Google again

When there is something cheerful and free there must be Google in the background.. Side-wiki one of its latest pleasant gifts..

Happy Bloggering!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Should I be unhappy?

Why am I unhappy? In the previous post I wasn’t able to trace a single instance of happiness in the past. By and large every time I have expected it in the near future and I am this far by now. What is the reason which makes me assume that happiness is always in future? I, however, can’t ignore the experiences of the people who are senior i.e. already through with my stage, always look back to trace the glimpses of happiness in their past. That means I too will be unhappy in the future.
One conclusion comes here is that; happiness was neither there in the past nor would it be in the future, which means it is an illusion. Thus happiness is something unrealistic thing which can’t be achieved.
Another school of thought says that happiness can only be felt in fantasies. Fantasy theory can have a lot in its favor. I think everyone must have some, if not much, attachment with fantasy. I do have. Had fantasies been realistic even a few bit, I would have done plenty of crimes as well as number of heroics. But since fantasies are unrealistic we only fantasize the thing which we like. I would have become a Sachin Tendulkar on one hand and an Imran Hashmi (you are free to go beyond, as the topic is fantasy) on the other. I think these are two of the extremes of fantasy for me. But as soon as we return to the reality we are filled with anguish, dissatisfaction, unfortunate, guilt or gloom. Thus another animated form of unhappiness. So unhappiness is anyways is unhappiness.
So should I assume that there is nothing which can really be called Happiness? No. Yes! No, because in all this discussion I think I have completely missed something is called Present. Didn’t I? In the blind search of happiness I have missed a possible source or may be the only source of happiness and that is Present, the moment in which I am right now. Irony of the situation I am at that stage of life which is certainly and in fact the golden span of life. I am so fortunate that I am so healthy and completely blessed with everything. My body is completely backing me with power, energy, wit and health, which may not be the case in the years to come. I am in the prime right now and will always wish for these days in late years as people do. Why people wish to have young age when in their late years? Because the body, which is going to company throughout our life gives full support only in this age. Later on it will ask for care and cure.
Now ball is in my court again. There is no reason to live in past or volunteer in living future. In both cases I am loosing Present, which is certainly capable of delivering goods. Why shouldn’t I cherish every moment I live. All the unhappiness that comes in my way is because I take it that way, in other words negatively. Another reason is my leaning towards materialistic stuff, which makes me more and more desirous and thus unhappy. Being ambitious should be a problem but building a big palace of fantasies around those ambitions is certainly a big problem. Due to which we face a lot of mental discomfort. Ultimately at the end of discussion I can say that I am solely responsible for all unhappiness.
I am the source of all unhappiness, it is as good as saying, I am the source of all happiness. A half full glass of water can also be said to be a half empty one. Reality is simple and well known but the way we interpret it has made big difference, half full is optimistic one and half empty is pessimistic one. If I take the things optimistically and with least possible self interest, I think the amount of happiness will increase.
That is it for now.. Thanks and all regards to your comments..

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why am I unhappy?

A noticeable gap between two postings makes me liable to seek apology. So I am feeling a sense of apology and hope you sense it while reading, though all such sense of mine is total nonsense. The fact is I am a bit bothered by a silly question. Questioned by me and to be answered by me only. And that is:
Why am I unhappy?
Had I asked this question to you I’d have got many practical answers. But I won’t ask. Let me see how realistic study did I do till now.
As it happens one question can not necessarily be answered by an answer, it may get a question to be answered in reply. So here are questions for the question:
When was I happy in the past?
What is happiness if I were to compare it
with in future?
Now let me drill down these typical question type answers of the original problem. First I’d go in the past ( I mean look in the past ….. wish going the past might be possible ) to recapture some moments of happiness, then will wish for so called happiness in future(since going in future isn’t possible too.. yet ).
When was I happy?...... I am stuck as if I didn’t have a single moment. Still thinking….. not really. Actually I am looking not back one month, two month, a year or two but way back around 25 years when I’d have been a one and a half year old baby. You must be wondering why didn’t I go to full length i.e. from the day I got birth? Because I have no clue or even an Idea of whether I was happy or unhappy or whatever and by the experience of life I can safely say that no one will tell me that I was an unhappy child at that lapsed duration. So I do not consider those to be my happy days at all. Had those been my happy days, I would have memorized those, as people say they cherish the happy moments for life, I would have also done so. The first day I was happy, if I recall, was when I was bathing in a bucket( yes not bath tub ) along with my cousin who was on another bucket in the careful custody of my elder brother and cousin sister. But then, my brother pulled me out of that and wrapped me in a towel forcefully, I started crying and got unhappy. Then I waited for few years to grow to become independent and went to a pond to bath. Irony, there I sank and my brother pulled me out. No doubt I was crying and unhappy. Now, however, I can swim but that does not make me happy even though I do not fear of sinking anymore.
At the time when 25 paisa were enough to get 5 toffees, I got a chance to have a regular source of collecting paisa. One of my friend told me that people drop money at temples so that little kids can have toffees while at school. I got happy and looted the temple. I got a rupee and 25 paisa by collecting coins of 5/10/25 paisa. Won’t use ‘Irony’ word but got caught red handed on the first day at job. Got punished by slapping with ‘Bichchoo’ grass on body. Uooooh…. How could I be happy? Then started the burden of studies and ‘behave yourself’ kind of time. I don’t think anybody would have enjoyed those study related topics at home or at school. But can’t ignore those light moments in between during schooling. Actually I don’t want to give those days weight, since I get a little bit biased about those days by thinking those were the golden days. But I know by and large I wasn’t happy at all. I passed metric with good numbers but on the first day in senior secondary class my classmate torn down my umbrella (new). Happiness got aloof.
First day at job was good. After one week, every week came to make me weak and finally weep at times. Here I strongly feel you yourself avoid saying I would have been happy.
Many similar moments came and went past, but none without ifs and buts.
At this particular moment too, while I thought I’d feel happy writing this stuff, these #*^&$% mosquitoes making me clap behind them regularly.
Now if I try to look in future, blindly assuming that I did not have a single bite of happiness, I see a colorful picture of happiness. Wait.. Wait.. Wait.
This dirty bi**h happiness had cheated me like a pond of water in dull deserts, many times in the past. This colorful picture is actually a colorless, monotonous and unhappy present………….
Nope… you gotta wait…..
Here comes Universal Truth of Happiness in next posting………..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sports cursed by Indian Politics

In India sports and politics are closely knitted. Though it is not a but natural relation. The 'curse' of politics is thrust upon it, as it is the case with most of the institutions, government/non-government, social and cultural bodies in India. But in case of Sports, cancerous presence of politics is causing direct and straight harm. We see until a politician isn't gray haired, he's deprived of important responsibilities. This malicious approach is being adopted in Sports too, causing India's dismal show in almost all major sports events. These grayed uncles can't really take a bold decision. Or even do not wish to do so may be the case also.

I strongly believe that with over a billion population we have enough talent which is having the potential to beat the bests in the battleground. But to dig that cutting edge potential and push it on the battle ground really needs substantial sincerity and honesty. I've been keeping an eye in recent Olympic games where I see whatever we've got to cheer about was solely extraordinary effort of the players.

Be that Mr. Paes who ended a drought of emptiness in 1996, after a prolonged vacuum since 1980, by winning a bronze in Tennis singles event. That was a great contribution of Mr. Paes. Especially with a well known fact that Mr Leander Paes has never been a good player of singles ever as far as world tennis is concerned. This was his great effort and we owe a lot to this fighter. May be we hear that he has won a mixed doubles title of US open with Zimbabwean Clara Black very soon.

Be that Ms Karnam Malleswari who won a Bronze in Sydney Olympics in 2000 in weightlifting event. That was her bravery, IOC or others has nothing to cheer about that. After Sydney Olympics many of us would have thought that now weightlifting will get some attention, but courtesy to our federations, this sport is being forcefully drown. We can see Monica Devi fake dope charge controversy.

Be that Mr. Rajya Bardhan Rathore, who being an army personal was able to tackle all the odds, shot a Silver, a lone Silver that India ever got till date. Shooting was in rounds for very long now. We've had Jaspal Rana, Anjali Bhagwat and many more who were there to hit small targets in smaller events but never got a cutting edge support from the politics driven sports administration.

Abhinav Bindra, Gold hitting Shooter in Beijing 2008, is not an exception as far as sports administration is concerned. But he is an exception with his exceptional personal effort. It is well known that he got that extra killer instinct with the quality exposure he got in trainings abroad after investing loads of money. Other then Mr. Bindra none of the Shooters were there even in Top 8s, 9th being Mr. Gagan Narang in one of his participations.

The feet of Bhiwani's boxing champs and Delhi's Mahabali are also after their own extra efforts. If the boxers were having their dream to bring glory to their boxing cultured families, then Sushil Kumar's target to bring his Guru Satpal's honour back.

The real problem I feel is an unenthusiastic head is leading the agitated blood of youth. Worse is the politics. Monica Devi controversy suggests we shouldn't expect much from London too. Anything can happen as it happened with weightlifting, got a ray of hope in 2000 Olympics with Malleswary and rotten in 2008 with Monica Devi Controversy.

I propose the charge of all sports activities should be given to very young person as young as I am.{No kidding!! I can produce tens of medals in upcoming Olympics :) }. My argument, if over-thinking babus and dirty politicians can't produce a result, why shouldn't a young leader be given a chance. At most he will fail too. We aren't having any better results otherwise too. But I'm more than sure if in case this distent looking possibility at present anyhow becomes true, we'll have a Golden garland of medals around our neck..

N hope I become the head of sports in India much before joining Gray Brigade...... :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Games are meant for Youth

It was really nice experience winning bronze medal in Gymnastics. This achievement remains a high point of inspiration for me even today. Now let me take your attention to another incident of similar type but with contrasting fate. I Participated in many activities during Junior High school studies. I completed matriculation from another school and went to yet another school for Senior Secondary Education. This was the time when I got some fondness towards speeches and debates. I was a bit shy initially to take up the challenge to speak in front of many listeners, but the bronze medal glory helped me out to overcome this hiccup. I got the confidence that anything can be initiated at any point of time irrespective of whether you’ve done/experienced it earlier or not. During that one year I participated in N number of debate/speech competitions at school level. I had one a couple of titles there too.
A big occasion came up for me, when I participated in a district level speech competition from my school. There were participants from almost all schools in the district. A fantastic stage to showcase my abilities was there. It turned out to be a tough competition, but I got the edge over others on the basis of my unique style of delivering speech. I got selected to compete on the topic with the bests from all over the country, to be held at Allahabad.
This was yet another big moment for me. I was really eager to step out of my town and see the world for the first time. As it happens with us whenever we see a window we try to visualize beyond that and start dreaming. I am perplexed whether to call this tendency of human being a weakness or strength. Since visualizing attitude of human being must have been a key factor in the development of human civilization up to this date, so it’s strength. But in many cases it seems to be a weak point as in this case.
In contrast to my day dreams there was something else in store for me. I was an Intermediate final year student at that time. The dates of practical exams being conducted by U P Board were around the corner, but no date was fixed, not even a tentative date. I went up to my principal and informed him with my selection for the national meet and requested him to permit me to participate in the same event scheduled to be held at Allahabad few days later.
My hard luck! Mr. Principal refused to provide any favor in case of practical exams if, by chance, conducted during my absence. The risk was big for me. Not appearing in practical meant loss of one academic year.
Mr. Principal did not have courage to support a young student for making his dream come true. We know our system. N number of loopholes are there to crack a possibility for making something happen. But alas! That is never done for noble cause, to make a bold step for a better future but to discourage and demolish constitutional pillars.
Mr. Principal was not bold enough to take a decision to encourage a young guy for a noble cause as Mr. N D Joshi did in the earlier case. Mr. Principal, being an old man, was not as enthusiastic as young leader N D Joshi. Mr. N D Joshi, being one of the youngest in his staff was leading as a headmaster in the school. An agitated blood was instrumental to lead a young team to success. On the other hand tired & old blood in veins of Mr. Principal was not allowing him to take risk even for a legitimate reason.
At last I can say Games are meant for young blood and should be led by youths. Why am I raising these points here today? An obvious question gets raised here. Following Beijing Olympics 2008 I came up with this kind of conclusions. Why do I think so? I’ll explain few points in following post……